Over 50 Get Along With Your Life

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This year, I just had a birthday and turned 54. Someone thinks that we are old. And we can’t do much things. In fact, my wife leave me alone because the car accident. So, when I am alone, I just say “get over it”. I can take care of myself. But life can’t be good as the single senior man. So I encourage the heart to find someone to live with! Recently, I just met a senior dating site like SeniorDateFree.com Just give me chance to make more friends. So if you are alone,it does not matter. Although there has been lots of press in the life, lots of friend’s activity and dating sites around us.

Now, I believe that there is age discrimination in the life. As we are older, we can not do more things that the young man can do. It happens on many things, but there is no reason to deny the fact. We can find some interested things to do. For example, we are trying to fall in love again when you are single or inviting your friends to join the meetup activity! But facts are just that, facts. Many things are decided by the heart. Don’t care anymore! The world tell us that We don’t need more armchair quarterbacks, we need people with experience. So you will think over 50 people can make difference. Senior people are willing to lead younger generation into the future. So, be happy and trust ourselves. We can’t be alone in the world. And we have the right to get the love and work again.

In fact, most people will dismiss you because of your older age. So you can try to make the young generation to remember us. Doing sports,going to work or falling love with someone, all can prof that we are “young” in the great passion. This is not an age thing, it’s a life thing. We were dismissed in our 20s, 30s, 40s and now in your 50s. So what? No matter the eyes from the others. Most people will dismiss you for a many reasons. The age is only one. People will dismiss me because I’m a white man and I’m older or I’m a single father. This is the all that people see you. If you live your life waiting for everyone in the world to approve of you,it can not  happen. well, Just take a while and sort out the feeling, there are many people  that you need to meet. No Sadness in the heart. Just be happy and optimistic to the life. As long as you are alone,you can join the best senior match site. As  long as you are tired of the work, just to take a while and go to travel around the world. Over 50 ,How do you think of it?

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